While many industries are struggling, medical electronics is growing in the wake of COVID-19, as providers race to fill equipment shortages and develop better solutions. To claim your share of the market, you must be able to differentiate your company from your competition – and that starts with clear communication of exactly what you do, and how you do it.

Start your strategy with these three steps:

Video: Show, Don’t Tell

For those who are more visually inclined, a 45-second video can be more effective than a whitepaper.

One of our clients provides a means to bond components in medical electronic devices. Instead of explaining why their method is better, they had our award-winning video team create 3D animation to virtually separate a device into its core components, so viewers can observe how they work together, and how the bonding solution the company offers is more conveniently implemented, improving quality and expediting manufacturing time.

Contributed Articles

Where can people turn for accurate information? We are bombarded with so many claims from so many sources that it can be difficult to separate truth from spin. One way to cut through the clutter is with an article that provides real answers to real questions, without overt product promotion.

The objective here is to position your company as a trusted voice within your industry. Is there an issue you feel strongly about? Perhaps coping with supply chain challenges with China, or what will happen to the passive components market in the wake of 5G? Share your thoughts in a piece that can be posted on your website, social media, and on LinkedIn. Or see if you can get it published on an industry news website or publication.

Your Website

Most, if not all of your outside marketing efforts will lead prospects back to your website. What will they find when they get there? A well-organized and informative website can convert a prospect into a lead, or at least move them from cold to warm or hot. Does the site incorporate video? Is it ADA-compliant? How is it set up for search engine optimization?

360Circuits Can Help

We work with clients across the entire spectrum of the electronics industry, providing high-quality videos, contributed articles, and website design, development, and content.

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