The 360Circuits team is comprised of electronics industry veterans with decades of experience in a wide range of skills and specialties. Occasionally, however, we receive a task that requires additional expertise. When that happens, we have a network of consultants that provide the insights and data we need to complete that project to the client’s expectations. 

The Challenge: Dismantling a Satellite for a 3D Video

Our typical procedure for creating a teardown video is to acquire a sample of the product, take it apart, and rebuild the images in 3D. But when the product is a communications satellite, it’s not likely we’ll be able to pick one up on eBay. And because of the proprietary nature of the technology, there was very little information on the internet we could research as to its structure and the components inside that utilized our client’s materials.

Fortunately, we knew the right person to call. He is a retired Boeing engineer who worked on satellites and other spacecraft for more than 30 years. He worked with us to frame out the correct structure of the satellite, its phased array antenna, and its solar panels, all of which our client wanted to display interacting with their materials.

Because of our in-house expertise, we were also able to suggest additional devices within the satellite that could utilize our client’s materials that they had not even considered, including the power supply, earth-sun sensor, battery module, and fuel tank.

Surpassing Client Expectations

Between our consultant’s knowledge and research, the talents of our award-winning video team, and our technical expertise obtained from 30 years of industry experience, we created a photo-realistic teardown of a communications satellite that illustrated all of the applications and benefits of our client’s product portfolio.

Since the resulting 3D structure was so complex that one still image couldn’t show all the necessary detail, we recommended an animation where the camera could rotate around the satellite, and zoom into and out of the satellite devices, revealing close-ups of the client’s materials as well as how all the devices fit into the whole of the satellite.

The Reviews Are In

“The animation is incredible” 

“Magnificent video”

The company’s aerospace technical expert loved our work. And that is the result we strive for on every project.