We recently came across a 2020 Global Marketing Report survey from a company called Workfront that gathered data from nearly 900 marketers in the U.S. and four other countries.

Two conclusions stood out:

  1. The top priority for companies when they hire a marketer is creativity.
  2. 70% of marketers say they’re so busy keeping things running that they don’t have time for creativity.

What gets in the way of creativity? Meetings – and there’s a lot more of them now that everyone is working remotely – responding to emails and other administrative tasks – phone calls.

Some of this is unavoidable. But we still think a marketer’s primary focus should be marketing, not meetings. And that is our priority with all of our electronics clients.

What is Creativity?

Now there’s a question for the ages. Here’s our answer: in the discipline of marketing, being creative is not limited to thinking outside the box – it’s throwing that box away. It’s not pulling a set of solutions off a shelf and adapting them to fit each new client; it’s taking the time to discover what makes each client unique, and telling their story to as many people as possible. If it’s a good story, it will bring in new customers.

Creativity is not just promoting a brand, but giving that brand an identity:

  • This is why that logo has been trusted by electronics clients for more than 20 years
  • This is why a new company is making a big splash by shaking up the industry
  • This is why an executive fed up with the way his old company did business decided to start his own firm.

Every electronics company has a unique history and a unique clientele. Our job is to figure out the best way to communicate each client’s strengths to the people who would be most interested in hearing about them. That means getting to know those people. Perhaps not literally – social distancing and all that – but find out what is important to them, and where they tend to get their news and information.

Sometimes, that requires changing a company’s current focus. The old adage about half of marketing being a waste of time is, sadly, true. But the sooner you know which half to jettison, the more you’ll achieve success with what’s left. That’s where we can help.