Digital transformation is one of the key levers to strategically enhancing business practices. The integration of our DocMan solution into the creation and management of your Product Data Sheets (PDS) and Technical Data Sheets (TDS) is critical to streamlining day-to-day processes for your marketing and sales teams.

Integrate Data From Any Source

Start with an easy-to-create personalized document template that can integrate data from any source.  Add unique images and content, including graphs, logos, videos, tables, and text. Then link it to your PIM, DAM, and ERP systems to automate the process of creating professional-looking PDS and TDS. Easily make changes when needed; documents will automatically update with a click of a button so your sales and marketing teams will always have the most up-to-date versions by region and/or by language.

Global Resource Management

Manage your attributes at a global level while mapping PIM and DAM data to various levels of the TDS hierarchy. DocMan’s dataflow technology automatically maps your product attributes to the feed columns of your selected technical data sheets for seamless integration of source data.

Instant Rebranding

For company rebrands, mergers, or acquisitions, updating PDS and TDS can be achieved instantly with one click, instead of having to change hundreds of documents individually. Text, logos, colors – change one document, and new versions of all of them are instantly transformed and ready for download.

Workflow Management

DocMan delivers a streamlined workflow between your content authors, creative artists and technical teams.

  • The creation of data sheets is made easy through the use of templates
  • Set up styles and formatting for automated data management
  • Create and store multiple layouts
  • Revision-controlled on-demand generated documents (revision tracking)
  • API-integrated software interface to ERP, DAM, and PIM data management systems (auto-updating)
  • User roles with custom permissions
  • Bulk editing
  • Process workflow management