The banner on your website’s home page is one of the most important digital branding tools there is. Like a lighthouse, it is the beacon of your website, making a powerful first impression and letting visitors know if they are in the right place.

Visitors to websites are typically in a research and evaluation phase. They need a solution to their problem and are searching for a business that can help. In this stage of their journey, they have a general idea of what they are seeking but have a short attention span. That’s why it is vital to get their attention quickly, making a swift and compelling visual statement with the banners on your web pages. This is essential for your home page banner but is also important for any webpage you want to get noticed.

360Circuits –Video Banners That Get Noticed

In today’s world of digital communication, rich with audio and visual elements, a static home page banner may no longer be sufficient to capture the attention your business needs to stand out from the vast array of competitors online.

Website analytics have long shown that sites with video get more attention, generating greater page view numbers and click-through responses than websites without video.

That’s why 360Circuits helps businesses replace their static website banners with video banners that not only keep visitors engaged, but also tell their unique story, delight their customers, and make meaningful connections.

At 360Circuits, our award-winning video artists create video banners that conform to your website dimensions, are aesthetically pleasing, and clearly communicate the messages that you most want to deliver. We create video banners for home pages and any other pages of your website you want to get noticed, to multiply the impact of videos throughout your website.

To learn more about video banners by 360Circuits, take a look at a sample video banner.