3D Printing, or additive manufacturing (AM), is becoming a more popular way of showcasing customer materials and products due to its interactive nature, and can also be used to test, prototype, and validate next-generation products. The message is clear, 3D Printing’s potential across verticals including electronics, aerospace, automotive, and medical is still growing.

A growing number of organizations are thoughtfully exploring 3D Printing for specific applications and seeking a partner who can not only integrate the entire solution and make it flow naturally into their current marketing plans, but also work with them to create a tailored solution that meets their needs. The process begins with a photorealistic graphic and graduates to a printable STL file for a fully functioning prototype.

“3D Printing devices for interactive tradeshow displays are a great way to get customers talking and brainstorming about their ideas. In some cases, 3D Printing can be used to show applications and technologies within more complex devices, making it easier to understand new technologies.” Zach Peterson, Purple Porcupine – a 3D Printing Service Bureau.

With customized 3D Printing displays, customers can show their materials or products being used for specific applications, in a generic format that won’t upset their customers or potential customers. With 3D Printing, for instance, a client may still show their adhesive materials being dispensed in real-time, without alluding to the end-product manufacturer. This segmented, focused marketing will be essential for successful marketing in the coming years.

360Circuits has employed 3D Printing solutions in innovation centers, R&D centers, as well as trade shows worldwide. Working with Fortune 500 companies in Germany, Japan, and the US, we have coordinated a variety of 3D Printing projects that showcase the dispensing of client materials in real-time. This creates an interactive hands-on experience that you just can’t accomplish with traditional print and video marketing, showcasing specific end-use applications. And we don’t just provide the 3D Print files, we work directly with trusted 3D Printing companies to execute and deliver.

The innovations in 3D Printing have the potential to transform manufacturing and marketing as we know it, particularly in the tech industry.

“To build a better future, the world needs more innovative solutions. Unfortunately, we can’t change the world with superior tech alone though. With 3D Printing, companies can articulate their tech in a way that illustrates to potential customers why they should care.

Combined with innovations in virtual reality and 3D video, AM is the future of high-tech marketing.” Ivan Miskalo, Senior Graphics Designer, Animazed Studios, a division of 360 BC Group, Inc.

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