How We Make It Happen

We take your recorded webinar and unpack the important messages into short, highly impactful video clips. Like panning for gold, we sift through the entire recording and extract the golden nuggets. We can also insert animations to emphasize key messages, making the visual presentation more compelling and helping to tell your story. These short, edited video clips can then be used in several ways to improve the marketing reach of your webinar.

On Your Website

  • Embed video clips on your website so viewers can go straight to the information they are seeking.
  • Boost website SEO performance by embedding a transcript on your webpage, encouraging Google to treat you as a thought leader in your industry.

In Your Emails

  • Paste video clips in follow-up marketing emails, allowing people to watch the best moments in the little time they have.
  • Provide video clips for your sales team to use in emails for lead generation and follow-up discussions.

On Social Media

  • Promote teasers of key webinar content on all of your social media platforms to get users’ attention, making your full recordings irresistible while driving customers to your website.

Around the World

  • Make your recordings consumable for a global audience. Record in English, localize in Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. Yes, we can help with translations as well.
  • Transcribe webinars recorded in foreign languages with subtitles so they can be consumed globally.

Other Webinar Tips

Closed captioning (CC) webinars for those who are differently abled is the responsible thing to do and legally required in some countries. Besides, most videos on social media begin their auto-play life in CC mode with the sound off anyway. So, having captions will let people read for a few seconds before deciding to click on the play button.  

Give your audience something valuable as soon as possible. Typically, webinar drop-offs happen quite early – sometimes in fewer than ten seconds. That’s how long viewers take to make a snap judgment on the value of the video’s content. This is another reason to minimize mundane introductions and webinar logistics and get right to the exciting content.  

With these and other enhancements, 360 can bring out golden nuggets of information from your webinars, extending their value and reach.