For more than a century, logos have provided a quick method of identifying our favorite brands. From Apple’s iconic bitten fruit to the familiar golden arches of McDonald’s, a great logo will instantly communicate a unique brand identity, differentiate it from its competitors, and build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

But times have changed. In today’s world of digital communication, branding is more important than ever. Customers search for products and services online, encountering information that is rich with audio and visual elements. A static logo by itself may no longer be sufficient to capture the attention a brand needs to stand out from the vast numbers of businesses competing with each other online.

Today it is especially important to understand how to use digital technology creatively to attract attention, tell your story, delight your customers, and make meaningful connections.

360Circuits – Making an Impact with Animated Logos

Animated logos provide a rich format for demonstrating something significant about your business. Text and imagery combined with color, sound, and movement produce a multi-sensory experience that fosters an emotional response and creates a memorable connection to your brand. Animated logos get noticed, supporting first impressions that are critical to building strong customer relationships.

At 360 Circuits, our award-winning animators can take your static logo and bring it to life in a way that adds multi-sensory appeal to corporate presentations, advertisements, social media campaigns, websites, or any other form of digital communication.

With an animated logo by 360 Circuits, don’t be surprised if potential customers call just to ask, “How did you do that?” And when impressed by your logo, they’ll be even more receptive to being impressed by your solutions and services.